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Who we are

Mr. Abu Bakr Omar Bazara

Chairman of Board Member

Chairman Forward

Abobaker Omar Bazara (born in 1930), and after trying with a number of automobile companies in Aden, established the relationship with Toyota in 1956.  At that time, Aden automobile market was quite competitive, but with perseverance, patience and lots of technical & customer skills, Mr. Bazara put a strong footprint in the market and soon, Toyota became the strongest brand in the market.

The vision and entrepreneurial acumen of Mr. Bazara enabled him to put the foundation of a strong and versatile organization, and for the last 70 years Automotive & Machinery Trading Center (AMTC) is continuing to expand and excel.  The smooth transition to the second generation of the family further enhanced and expanded the activities of the company to new and wider fields.  Abdulnasser, Ahmed & Aidrous being second generation further navigated the company and expanded its operation into broader operations based on the same principles of the founder.

The founder has realized the importance of customer relationship at early stage and converted this into his employees resulting in solid customer service culture.  Values of trust, integrity and honesty are synonyms with family and company name.

Realizing the potential of the automobile business, the founder with what was few units of Toyota cars imported in 1956 became the reality of one of the most successful, prestigious and renowned names in the region.

Mr. Aidrous Abu Bakr Bazara

Board Member and Managing Director

Managing Director’s Message

At AMTC, we have genuine regard for the interests of our employees, customers and members of the communities in which we operate. This is embedded in our company values. Our approach to business involves providing world-class service to our customers. In fact, at AMTC we are very proud to have a corporate image built around quality and integrity.

Management pays close attention to the community, employees and customers on a regular basis, because they are the pillars of our existence. After all, it is only with the community and customer’s support, a cooperative and productive workforce, a satisfied customer base and a strong corporate brand that a company can be successful.

Some of our sustainability priorities

  • Health and safety management of employees and community
  • Resourcing for the growth
  • Continuously support learning and development of staff
  • Motivating, encouraging, and empowering staff
  • Developing an open and independent working culture and environment where everyone is valued
  • Inspire loyalty among staff
  • Fix it right the first time

At AMTC, we shall strive for excellence by nurturing, developing and empowering our employees, by encouraging an open atmosphere that is conducive to learning and teamwork.

Together with our associates, customers and their continuous feedback, I am hopeful we will take AMTC to next level.

We are committed to achieving and maintaining Toyota Values through continuous improvement and respect for people.

Our goals

  • Providing high quality value-for-money services to enhance customer satisfaction
  • Enhancing relationships with customers through a customer satisfaction program from the showroom to the spare parts and maintenance workshop.

  • Preserving Toyota’s share in the Yemeni market.

  • Serving our country and raising the standard of our society.

  • Ethical approach towards customers and meeting their needs.

Our mission

Ensuring that our customers receive services with the best possible quality, which will increase our sales and make us able to build and strengthen our team consistently.

Our vision

The Automotive & Machinery Trading Center is a leading company that seeks to provide customers with high quality products and services, and we are always striving for the success of our investments, and we pay great attention to investing in our human resources and serving our communities.

Board of Directors

Mr. Abu Bakr Omar Bazara

Chairman of Board of Directors

Mr. Aidrous Abu Bakr Bazara

Managing Director

Mr. Abdel Nasser Abu Bakr Bazara

Vice Chairman

Mr. Ahmed Abu Bakr Bazara

Vice Chairman


Ujala Perera

IT manager

Vishwanathan Ramanathapuram (Vishy)

General Manager Parts

Mr. Saeed Bamashmos

Managing Director Assistant and General Manager Sales

Mr. Mansour Alhatemi

Customer Relations Manager

Mr. Omar Al Shafei

General Manager, Business Development & Marketing

Khalid Almoalmi

Human Resources Manager

Karim Kouki

Chief Financial Officer

Omar Abdulnasser Bazara

BIT Manager

Khalid Ghazi

General Manager Service
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